Fairway Park Baptist Church
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425 Gresel Street
Hayward, CA 94544
Welcoming Atmosphere:  Our friendly folks love to meet old friends and make new ones! Dress tends toward business-casual, though you can find anything from khakis and jeans to suits and dresses - and everything in between.

Appropriate Music: We sing hymns, songs, and choruses that teach us about Who God is and what He has done.  We emphasize singing as a congregation, praising God with one voice.

Orderly Service: Our service begins at 10 AM. You will want to find a seat several minutes before the service begins, as the service begins promptly.  We sing, read God's Word, pray for the service, and then take an offering - the means our members use to support our church.  Visitors are not obligated or expected to do so.  Pastor then delivers a sermon from the Bible, showing how the text impacts present-life situations.  We conclude with a time of response.  During this response time, many sing while others pray and make private and public decisions about the message heard from God's Word.

Timely Preaching:
The preaching is expositional, declaring timeless truths of extended Biblical passages one section at a time. Pastor's sermons are about 45 minutes in length and are designed to elicit both personal and public response.
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